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Picture of Håvard Jostein Haugen Haugen, Håvard Jostein Professor +47-22852170 scaffold, bone regeneration, titanium dioxide, biomaterials, porous, polymer, chemistry and materials science, bone graft, Applied material science, Medicine, Engineering
Picture of Øyvind Pernell Haugen Haugen, Øyvind Pernell
Picture of Ingunn Haugenes Haugenes, Ingunn Higher Executive Officer +47 22852115
Haugland, Cathrine Earl
Hegge, Terje Senior Adviser +47 22852131 +47 92494612
Picture of Inger Heiberg Heiberg, Inger Klinikk avd.leder +47 22852025
Helgeland, Morten Specialist Dentist
Picture of Åste Roe Helgetveit Helgetveit, Åste Roe Dental Instructor +47 90969234
Picture of Nina Hellerud Hellerud, Nina Tannhelsesekr
Picture of Inger Johanne Hattestad Henriksen Henriksen, Inger Johanne Hattestad Dentist Instructor
Picture of Cecilie Herbjørnsen Herbjørnsen, Cecilie Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Bente Brokstad Herlofson Herlofson, Bente Brokstad Professor 22852233 oral health and cancer, oral complications in cancer treatment, impact of oral health on quality of life in cancer patients, oral health in disease-free survivors of childhood cancer, bone pathology, osteonecrosis, Clinical research, Treatment modalities
Picture of Kenneth Stenshol Hestvik Hestvik, Kenneth Stenshol Dental Instructor
Picture of Erik Hjelkrem Hjelkrem, Erik
Picture of Carl Hjortsjö Hjortsjö, Carl Head of Department +47 22852291
Picture of Martin Christopher Hoftvedt Hoftvedt, Martin Christopher Dental Instructor
Hol, Caroline Stipendiat
Picture of Aud Jorid Kjellsbøl Hole Hole, Aud Jorid Kjellsbøl Dental Hygienist
Picture of Amin Homayouni Homayouni, Amin Dentist Instructor
Hovde, Anne Sofie Dental Instructor
Picture of Lene Hystad Hove Hove, Lene Hystad Associate Professor +47 22852142
Hugo, Charlotte Dybvik Dentist Instructor
Hussain, Badra Doctoral Research Fellow +47 41234703
Hussain, Tanzeela Tannhelsesekr
Hustavnes, Eli Grete Melkild Dentist Instructor