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Picture of Harald Høyvik Høyvik, Harald Dentist Instructor +47 91158621
Idland, Lene Merete Dentist Instructor
Picture of Hanne Kleven Ingstad Ingstad, Hanne Kleven Lecturer
Picture of Saffia Allina Iqbal Iqbal, Saffia Allina Dentist Instructor
Picture of Catherine Joan Jackson Jackson, Catherine Joan Researcher +47 22840318
Picture of Arne Eldor Tvedt Jacobsen Jacobsen, Arne Eldor Tvedt Specialist Dentist +47 22852107
Jacobsen, Bente Dentist Instructor
Picture of Nikola Jakovljevic Jakovljevic, Nikola Dentist Instructor
Picture of Janicke Cecilie Liaaen  Jensen Jensen, Janicke Cecilie Liaaen Professor 22852028 oral surgery, oral medicine, implants, wisdom teeth, saliva, Sjögren's syndrome, rare condtions
Picture of Nan Jiang Jiang, Nan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840233
Johansen, Kim Christian Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Roger Junges Junges, Roger Associate Professor +47 22840340 microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, genetic competence, signaling, pathogens, commensals, molecular microbiology, Biofilm, antibiotic resistance, microbiome, Oral health, dentistry
Picture of Inga Solgård Juvkam Juvkam, Inga Solgård Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840317
Picture of Pawel Kallas Kallas, Pawel
Picture of Vasileios Kapralos Kapralos, Vasileios
Picture of Cathrine Åsvang Karlsen Karlsen, Cathrine Åsvang Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Heidi Karlstad Karlstad, Heidi Dental Hygienist +47 22852184
Picture of Qalbi Khan Khan, Qalbi Associate Professor
Picture of Sadia Nazir Khan Khan, Sadia Nazir Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Gry Karina Kjølle Kjølle, Gry Karina Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Tatiana Klemetsen Klemetsen, Tatiana Dentist Instructor
Picture of Dyveke Haagensen Knudsen Knudsen, Dyveke Haagensen Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Odd Carsten Koldsland Koldsland, Odd Carsten Associate Professor
Picture of Ingeborg Kolseth Kolseth, Ingeborg Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Kolstad, Janne Beate Clinical Secretary