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Compulsory courses and seminars

The compulsory part of the educational component consists of 10 credits.

Compulsory PhD courses

The compulsory part of the PhD program consists of the following introductory courses:

Mandatory startup seminar

As of spring 2015 a startup seminar will be mandatory for new PhD candidates and their supervisors as part of the PhD course MF9010E Introductory course to the medical PhD programme, INTRO I.

At this seminar we will cover the rules and regulations for the PhD programme at the Faculty of medicine, including application and admission to the programme, PhD training and completion, and duties and responsibilities of both supervisors and candidates. The mandatory PhD courses will also be presented, and information on the research schools will be given.

Participation at the seminar is mandatory in order to pass the course MF9010E Introductory course to the medical PhD program, INTRO I. Attendance will be registered.

Course in laboratory animal science:

There is an additional compulsory course in laboratory animal science for candidates working on research projects involving animal testing.

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