Travel, hotels and fees

Information to members of evaluation committees regarding travel and subsistence claims.

The Faculty covers their opponents' expenses in connection with PhD examinations. Expenses are covered according to the government travel allowance scale for domestic and foreign travel.

Fees, travel and subsistence claims

As member of an evaluation committee please note that:

  • Original receipts and/or other documentation must be submitted when claiming reimbursement.
  • Payment of fees and reimbursement of expenses are made after the trial lecture and public defence.
  • Information about where to submit original receipts and/or other documentation will be given to you in connection with the PhD examination.

The Faculty can assist you with your travel arrangements, including hotel bookings.

After the public defence you will also get your fees.


Flights on 1st class/business class are only reimbursed when other ticket options are unavailable.


We recommend that you stay at a hotel in the centre of Oslo. The Faculty covers the expenses of a single room for two nights; maximum cost per night is NOK 1800. Additional costs of travelling with a companion are not covered.

Car, taxi and airport express train

Expenses in connection with the use of private cars are only reimbursed upon prior approval. Approval is only granted on condition that the use of public transportation is a considerable inconvenience.

When possible we ask visiting opponents to use public transportation. Taxi should only be used when public transportation complicates travel. The Oslo Airport Express Train is the best means of transportation to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. The Oslo Airport Express Train takes approx. 25 minutes to Oslo, and there is a departure from/to the Airport and Oslo Central Station every 10 minutes. Nationaltheatret Station is also located in the centre of Oslo not far from the hotels we recommend. Taxi may be used from Oslo Central station or Nationaltheatret station to/from the hotel.

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