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Thesis requirements

The thesis must be an independent, scientific work that meets international standards with regard to ethical requirements, academic standards and methodology.

The thesis must contribute to the development of new scientific knowledge and must be of sufficiently high quality to merit publication as part of the scientific literature in the field.

If your thesis includes works by several authors you must enclose a signed declaration describing the contributions made to each work by you and each individual co-author.

The thesis should in its entirety, both overall presentation and articles, be written either in English or in Norwegian. Permission to use another language must be obtained from the Faculty.

The thesis requirements are laid down in § 10.1 of the Regulations for the degree of PhD.

Presentation of scientific results

In addition to individual articles, the thesis must contain an overall presentation of the scientific results with a thorough comparative discussion.

This overall presentation must be an independent scientific document in which you can elaborate and if necessary correct aspects of the articles. The presentation must show a thorough grasp of scientific perspectives and maturity, as well as the ability to investigate specialised scientific issues.

Publicising the thesis

The thesis must be made publicly available no later than two weeks before the date set for the public defence.

Guidelines for evaluation of Norwegian doctoral degrees


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