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The adjudication committee has three months to submit a report after receiving the thesis.

What happens after the thesis is submitted?

After the thesis, including all necessary attachments and forms, has been submitted to the faculty, the proposed adjudication committee must be approved by the dean. The thesis is sent to the committee members for evaluation after the committee has been formally appointed. This process normally takes one to two weeks.

After the committee has been approved you will receive a letter in the post with information about case procedures, relevant deadlines, an ISBN number and a copy of the appointment letter sent to the committee members.

You can not have any contact with the committee members before the trial lecture and disputation.

The committee's recommendation

You can find the deadline for the committee's recommendation in the committee's appointment letter. July is a holiday month and is not included when setting the deadline for submission of a recommendation. The evaluation process therefore takes longer during the summer holidays.

The adjudication committee can submit the following recommendations:

  • unanimous recommendation
    • unanimous positive recommendation
    • unanimous negative recommendation
  • recommendation of revision
  • divided recommendation

Unanimous recommendation

You will be notified by email if a recommendation is unanimously positive or negative as soon as the faculty has received the signed recommendation. You have two weeks to present written comments to the recommendation. Your comments will be enclosed with the recommendation when it is sent to the dean for final approval.

If you have no comments to the recommendation, you must notify the faculty of this as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to, so that the recommendation can be forwarded to the dean.

Unanimous positive recommendation

If the recommendation is a unanimous positive recommendation, you are formally ready for public defence of the thesis when the dean has approved the committee's recommendation.

Unanimous negative recommendation

If the recommendation is a unanimous negative recommendation, you will have to wait for at least six months before you can re-submit a new thesis for evaluation.

Recommendation of revision

If the committee recommends a revision of a submitted thesis, it will submit a preliminary recommendation that identifies specific aspects of the thesis that should be changed. You will be given the opportunity to revise the submitted thesis within a deadline of six months from notification of the recommendation to revise.

A recommendation of revision must be approved by the dean before it can be sent to you. The dean is authorised to decide whether a candidate shall be given the opportunity to revise a submitted thesis.

You cannot appeal the decision of revision.

If you submit a revision of the thesis within the given deadline, the appointed committee will make its final recommendation after having assessed the revised thesis. If you do not submit a revision of the thesis within the deadline, the thesis will normally not be approved for public defence.

Divided recommendation

If the committee's recommendation is divided, the faculty itself will make a decision as to whether the recommendation is worthy of public defence.


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