Double competence

The double competence programme offers the opportunity to take specialist training and PhD training simultaneously

Photo: Håkon Størmer, UiO

The Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Health and Care Services have approved a shortened course of study in salaried positions that lead to double competence, i.e. PhD and specialist training. For the autumn semester of 2010, it has been proposed that ten candidates should be admitted. 

The general admission requirements are a first degree in odontology and a minimum of one year's experience from general practice

Double competence programme must contain 

  • A project description for the PhD programme with a recommendation from the supervisor
  • CV (stating work experience and publications)
  • Certified copy of diploma
  • Certified copy of Norwegian authorisation

Applicants must also state which area of specialisation they wish to pursue.

Applicants who submit insufficient documentation will not be considered.

The submitted applications will be considered by the dental educational institutions and will be reviewed by the working group for double competence for awarding/recommending.

Admissions will be coordinated with admissions to specialist training, and weight may be attached to the documented need by universities and the dental health service (competence centres) for dentists with both PhD and specialist qualifications. Successful applicants to the double competence programme will be employed by the universities.


Published Oct. 24, 2010 12:21 PM - Last modified Aug. 28, 2012 3:00 PM