Master in Dentistry

The Master’s Degree in Dentistry at the University of Oslo is a five-year, research-based programme, consists of 300 credits (ECTS), and leads to authorization as a dentist.

The degree is taught in Norwegian. The 8th semester is taught partly in English when Erasmus students from various European countries join the course for 3 months.

Foto: Jan Unneberg, UiO

About the programme

The Master's degree programme "OD - Oslo 2013" has a firm basis in the fields of biomedicine and community medicine/community dentistry that provides the students with a solid platform for treating patients of all ages. Graduates from the Faculty of Dentistry in Oslo will also aquire knowledge of and skills in research methodology and research ethics, sedation, implant prosthodontics and collaboration with other health professionals.


In the first 2 1/2 semesters the dental students are taught together with students studying medicine and clinical nutrition at the Faculty of Medicine. The course in Examen philosophicum is given in the 1st semester, and the exam must be passed before the student can start the 5th semester. In these joint teaching semesters, priority is given to basic medical sciences, social sciences and methodology, as well as to laboratory work. The students' first encounter with patients takes place in this period through practice in hospitals and public dental clinics. These common semesters are administrated by the Faculty of Medicine while the remaining semesters are administrated by the Faculty of Dentistry. In the last weeks of the 3rd semester the students start dental subjects taught at the Institute of Oral Biology, and in the 5th and 6th semester they undergo practical training on artificial teeth and models at the Faculty of Dentistry's pre-clinical simulation centre. In this period of the programme the students also start ordinary patient treatment at the faculty clinics. In the 7th - 10th semesters the students spend the majority of the time at the different clinics at the Institute of Clinical Dentistry. At the beginning of the 10th semester students have a practice period at a public dental clinic.



The Faculty of Dentistry in Oslo has Erasmus exchange agreements with several European dental schools. It is therefore possible to attend the 8th semester of this programme if you are enrolled in a dentistry programme at one of our partner universities. Here you will find information about the 8th semester.

More information about the Exchange programmes.


More information

English summary of the curriculum 

More detailed information about the Master's degree programme in Norwegian

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