The department is partner in a new grant

The Department, together with The University of the Balearic Islands, receives funding from the NILS Science and Sustainability programme.



The project

The project aims at providing the scientific and technological basis to develop new innovative biomaterials for repair and re-growth of viable skeletal tissues. This would improve the results of treatments, health and well-being of a large number of patients and at the same time significantly reduce costs by reducing cure time and time to load of implant treated and/ or fractured bones.

The research will be truly multidisciplinary the project focuses on state-of-the-art innovation in the field of biomaterials for bone regeneration, based on the expertise available at The University of the Balearic Islands and The University of Oslo.

The research program will facilitate mobility for PhD students and experienced researchers.





Tags: Biomaterials, University of the Balearic Islands, EEA grants, NILS
Published Mar. 10, 2014 4:35 PM