Biomaterials presented at Faculty Research Day

Department of Biomaterials was strongly represented at the annual Research Day of the Faculty of Dentistry with five of our PhD students presenting their latest research results.

Anders Verket (middle) giving some moral support and last minute tricks and tips to David and Sebastian before their presentations.


Five of our PhD students took up on the chance to practise their presentation skills and share the latest research results from their PhD projects with the rest of the Faculty of Dentistry during the annual Faculty Research Day on Wednesday 26th August.   

David's presentation in full swing.

Rivan Sidaly had the honour to warm up the audience with her presentation on the effect of hypoxia on ameloblast as the first presenter of the day. This presentation was followed shortly after by Sigrid Haugen who introduced her research project on the use of adiponectin to control tooth movement during orthodontic treatment. 

Manuel Schweikle, David Wiedmer, and Sebastian Geissler presented their research projects that focus on new biomaterials developed for the treatment and prevention of peri-implantitis and the hard-tissue defects related to this disease. Manuel presented his work on cell-responsive hydrogels as injectable bone scaffolds, while David and Sebastian's presentations focused on the debridement of infected titanium implant surfaces and on antibacterial and antioxidant surface coatings for titanium implants, respectively.



Published Aug. 27, 2015 6:03 PM - Last modified May 31, 2019 12:57 PM