Biomaterials celebrated science and summer

Department of Biomaterials invited scientists from Oslo, UK, and USA to present their research, discuss science and enjoy a sunny summer's day with us on the Oslo fjord. 


Our annual summer seminar took place on a beautiful summer's day on Thursday 11th June. We had an exciting scientific programme that highlighted the broadness of the field of biomaterials with speakers presenting topics from clinical problems related to dental implants to the fracture mechanisms in lipid bilayer membranes.   

After the official part of the seminar, we all headed for a boat ride and dinner along the Oslo fjord, where we could continue the scientific discussion in a more relaxed atmosphere. 


Bente Brokstad Herlofson from Department of Oral Surgery started the seminar by shocking all the non-clinicians with her presentation on drug-induced oral health problems. 


Faces remained serious also when Odd Carsten Koldsland from Department of Periodontology showed us the extend of tissue damage caused by advanced peri-implantitis.


Surprisingly, it was cholera toxins presented by Ute Krengel from Department of Chemistry that finally made us laugh again.


Irep Gözen from Harvard University told us about lipid bilayer membranes, avalanches, bonfires, and earthquakes among other things. Biomaterials truly is an interdisciplinary field of science!


Gavin Jell from University College London presented his research on hypoxia mimicking material that can be used in tissue regeneration.


Our good friend Jonny Blaker from University of Manchester closed the scientific programme by spinning us a story about solution blow spun nanofibres.


Since the summer finally arrived to Oslo, we continue the seminar outdoors and went for a boat ride along the beautiful Oslo fjord.


Those who claimed to be fed up with talking science were immediately thrown overboard.



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Published June 19, 2015 9:06 PM - Last modified Jan. 22, 2020 10:50 AM