Synchrotron and Neutron Scattering in Biomaterials and Soft Matter

Department of Biomaterials  participated at the Synchrotron and Neutron Scattering in Biomaterials and Soft Matter Workshop in Malmö

Håvard J Haugen from Department of Biomaterials and Reidar Lund from Department of Chemistry at UiO were part of the organizing committee for a workshop on the use of synchrotron and neutron scattering techniques in biomaterials and soft matter research. Both departments also presented their latest research results involving synchrotron scattering at the workshop organized at Malmö University 26-28 October 2016.

Reidar and Håvard in front of the Interreg project ESS & MAX IV: Cross Boarder Science and Society poster.

The international workshop was organized under the umbrella of the Interreg project ESS & MAX IV: Cross Border Science and Society, which is a three-year project involving 27 partners within the ÖKS region. A primary goal is to increase the regional potential to exploit the unique large-scale research facilities MAX IV and ESS in the future. MAX4ESSFUN involves 8 universities, MAX IV and ESS. The aim is to stimulate collaborative research across national borders for researchers using neutron and synchrotron light. MAX4ESSFUN provides direct support for PhD student and postdoc projects, courses, workshops and summer schools.

Distinguished scientist from all around the world gathered in Malmö to present and discuss recent progress in synchrotron and neutron scattering in biomaterials and soft matter in an exciting program. The aim of the workshop was to gather a community of current and future users of neutron scattering within the cross-interdisciplinary areas of biology and soft matter. The idea of the workshop was to show the mutual benefit when traditional methodologies from soft matter sciences are brought together and applied to biological systems.

Reidar Lund chaired a session
Reidar Lund engaged in scientific discussion with Prof. Peter Müller-Buschbaum from Technical University of Munich.



The plenary speakers dinner was held at Restaurant Årstidende in Malmö.


Tags: Biomaterials, Synchrotron, neutron scattering, ESS, MAXIV, Inorganic materials chemistry, soft matter, Catalysis, Life Science
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