Erasmus student from Munich

Florian Weber from Technische Universität München joined our lab for half a year to do research on protein adsorption on polymer surfaces.

Meet our student researcher Florian Weber

During my master studies in chemical engineering at the Technische Universität München, I specialized in nano process technologies, which are focused on the study of surface processes and their modification. I got in touch with medical applications while I was working as a student researcher at the Institute of Medical and Polymer Engineering in Munich. It was there that I learn about the possibility to come to Oslo as Erasmus student and work as student researcher at the Department of Biomaterials for one semester. 

What have you learned in Oslo?

The project I am working on attempts to inhibit biofouling on dental materials, especially on removable denture materials. Therefore, the salivary protein adsorption onto different materials is evaluated using QCM-D. Differences in protein structure and composition are a key aspect in terms of bacterial attachment. Our approach is to create surface modification on denture materials to preferentially adsorb the right proteins on their surface, and thus, create unfavourable conditions for biofilm formation.

Department of Biomaterials has a wide variety of instruments and other research equipment available for their researchers. Furthermore, an enthusiastic and international team provides an encouraging working environment. Scientific communication, several seminars and also the relaxed after work socializing  with all colleagues has made it a great stay in Oslo.


Tags: Biomaterials, Erasmus+, student exchange
Published Feb. 15, 2016 11:54 AM - Last modified Feb. 15, 2016 11:54 AM