Another PhD from the deparment!

Oscar Villa has publicly defended his doctoral dissertation Wound healing promoting agents in oral and periodontal surgical procedures. Department of Biomaterials congratulates Oscar on his great achievement!

Oscar Villa did not get intimidated in front of his opponents Pia Titterud Sunde, Axel Spahr, and Aart Molenberg (left to right). Instead, he did a great job at defending his PhD thesis.

Thesis summary

A enamel matrix extract from porcine tooth germs termed enamel matrix derivative (EMD) is commercially available for the treatment of periodontal defects. Experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated that EMD promotes periodontal regeneration and improves soft tissue healing in acute and chronic skin wounds. The possible positive early healing effect of enamel extracellular proteins on the oral mucosa has not yet been fully investigated. The research aims of the thesis were to assess the effect of the natural enamel extracellular protein components and synthetic peptides mimicking the structure of such proteins in oral soft tissue wound healing, identify active components in EMD and elucidate possible mechanisms induced by wound healing promoting agents in periodontal surgical procedures.

Studies on human cells showed that the different fractions of EMD caused cells to release signalling molecules called cytokines to different extent. However, it was impossible to identify the active components of EMD due to the heterogeneity of the extracted EMD fractions. EMD and synthetic peptides based on the amino acid sequences of some of the components in EMD were tested in an oral wound healing model in rats. EMD and one of the synthetic peptides promoted the early wound healing and regeneration of oral soft tissues by redusing inflammation and promoting revascularisation of the newly formed tissues. Both in vitro cell studies and a randomised controlled clinical study also showed that EMD stimulates the release of key factors that are believed to be important in wound healing and formation of blood vessels in the newly formed tissues.

Mer informasjon om Oscars forskningsprosjekt på norsk.

Evaluation committee

  • Clinical Associate Professor Axel Spahr, University of Sydney, Australia
  • Research Director Aart Molenberg, DePuy Synthes, Switzerland
  • Associate Professor Pia Titterud Sunde, University of Oslo


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