Biomaterials took over research day

Our department made the most of the opportunity to present our research projects to fellow researchers at the annual Faculty research day.

Sebastian being questioned on microbes during this presentation at the research day.

Five of our PhD students took up on the chance to practise their presentation skills and share the latest results from their PhD projects with the rest of the Faculty of Dentistry at the annual Faculty research day on Thursday 15th December.

Aman Chahal had the honour to warm up the audience with his presentation on stem cell adhesion on functionalised hydrogel intended for periodontal regeneration as the first presenter of the day. This presentation was followed by Sebastian Geissler who presented the results on the biological performance of titanium implants coated with polyphenols.

Anne Klemm and David Wiedmer presented their research projects on developing TiO2 scaffolds that can be used in regenerating missing bone tissue,  while Jørgen Hugo, who the biomaterials lab has borrowed from the Department of Periodontology, presented his in vitro model for investigating biofilm removal from furcation defects.

Jørgen's colleagues at the Department of Periodontology did not let him go easy but asked him tricky questions about the furcation defect model he has been developing as part of his PhD project.
But luckily, there were also some good ones left Anne.
David gave us all advice on how to be a good boy and get all your wishes for Santa come true.


Tags: Biomaterials, reseach communication, dissemination
Published Dec. 20, 2016 5:04 PM - Last modified Oct. 25, 2021 1:09 PM