The big fat surprises

Our department hosted a seminar on the surprising similarities of bone and fat tissue and the devastating consequences of obesity on oral health.

Mariano Sanz's lecture on the effect of obesity on the severity and treatment outcome of periodotantal diseases gathered a large crowd to the Faculty Club.

Together with the Department of Periodontology, we organised a miniseminar on the links between adipose tissue and systemic inflammatory diseases common in obesity on the bone tissue, especially the health of bone tissue supporting the teeth in the jaw. 

Professor Janne Reseland from our department presented some of the surprising connections between the proteins expressed by the cell in fat tissue and quality of bone tissue she has found in her research work. These finding include e.g. the role of leptin, a hormone produced by adipose cells that helps, in regulation of bone metabolism. Professor Mariano Sanz's presention in turn focussed on the devastating effects obesity and the systemic inflammatory diseases often linked to obesity can have on oral health. Sanz's research results clearly illustrated the association between obesity and severity of periodontal disease as well as the reduced effectiveness of periodontal treatment due to obesity and its associated health problems.      

Janne Reseland and Mariano Sanz having a chat with the institute leader Jan Eirik Ellingsen after the seminar.


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Published June 11, 2017 4:26 PM - Last modified June 12, 2017 11:28 AM