More reasons to celebrate

September brought us even more reasons to celebrate at Biomaterials.

A well-deserved celebration took place to honour two of our long-standing lab members Shahbaz and Grazyna. © ASC/UiO

September at Department of Biomaterials started with celebrating our scientific achievements and collaborators and now it was time to raise our glasses to two of our long-serving technicians Shahbaz Yousefi and Grazyna Jonski. Shahbaz will celebrate his 70th birthday later this month and will soon start his well-deserved new life as a man of leisure after more than 20 years of solid service at the Faculty of Dentistry. Together with Grazyna, who was awarded Norges Vel medal for her 30 years of dedicated service at our lab, Shabaz has many a great story to tell from the times our lab was just tiny a lab of three people long before we were even called the Department of Biomaterials.

In their combined 50 years at the lab, Grazyna and Shahbaz have seen many young aspiring PhD student grow into successful scientists, and not the least because of the excellent help they have received from our dedicated technicians. Our excellent lab technicians and administrative staff do a lot of invaluable work behind the scenes to keep the Biomaterials lab running and the entire team deserves our sincerest appreciation for their important work, much of which is often almost invisible to the rest of us at the lab! 

A big occasion always calls for a big cake. And cake is certainly something we are very good at the Biomaterials lab! © ASC/UiO


Published Sep. 23, 2017 6:22 PM - Last modified Oct. 25, 2021 1:36 PM