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Picture of Kari Anne Systad Systad, Kari Anne Dentist Instructor
Picture of Helene Borghild Sæthre-Sundli Sæthre-Sundli, Helene Borghild
Picture of Anne Thea Tveit Sødal Sødal, Anne Thea Tveit Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Unni Tjugum Strand Sørlie Sørlie, Unni Tjugum Strand Dentist Instructor
Picture of Anne-Karine Sørum Sørum, Anne-Karine Dentist Instructor
Picture of Bente Olin Teigmo Teigmo, Bente Olin Head Nurse +47 22852303
Picture of Eli Schistad Ter Kuile Ter Kuile, Eli Schistad Dentist Instructor
Picture of Minh Khai Le Thieu Thieu, Minh Khai Le Doctoral Research Fellow
Thomassen, Nina Dentist Instructor
Thorisdottir, Hafdis Clinical Coordinator
Picture of Anita Smedstuen Thorkildsen Thorkildsen, Anita Smedstuen Dental Nurse
Picture of Hanna Tiainen Tiainen, Hanna Associate Professor biomaterials, titanium dioxide, scaffold, bone regeneration, hydrogels, chemistry and materials science, surface modification and characterisation, polyphenols
Topalovic, Dijana Clinical Secretary
Picture of Elin Merete Toremo Toremo, Elin Merete Dental Nurse +47 22852272
Picture of Monica Jeanette Wicksell Torp Torp, Monica Jeanette Wicksell Lecturer +47 22852268
Torres, Karen Sicat Dental Nurse
Torres, Karen Sicat Dental Nurse
Totland, Brit Marianne Berthelsen Dental Nurse
Picture of Kim Loan Thi Tran Tran, Kim Loan Thi Dental Nurse
Picture of Anne Kristin Treider Treider, Anne Kristin Dentist Instructor
Picture of Sanda Turkanovic Turkanovic, Sanda Dental Nurse +47 45067438
Picture of Dag Tvedt Tvedt, Dag Specialist Dentist
Picture of Vaska Vandevska-Radunovic Vandevska-Radunovic, Vaska Professor +47 22852247
Picture of Anders Verket Verket, Anders Associate Professor +47 22852064 +47 93667661 scaffold, Dental implant, Periodontology, Histology, bone graft, bone regeneration, osteoblast gene expression
Picture of Øyvind Verket Verket, Øyvind Dentist Instructor