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Picture of Elin Merete Toremo Toremo, Elin Merete Dental Nurse +47 22852272
Picture of Nina Ellen Torgersbråten Torgersbråten, Nina Ellen Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47 22852066
Torisdottir, Hafdis Clinical Coordinator
Picture of Monica Jeanette Wicksell Torp Torp, Monica Jeanette Wicksell Dental Instructor +47 22852000
Totland, Brit Dental Nurse
Picture of Loan Thi Kim Tran Tran, Loan Thi Kim Dental Nurse
Picture of Anne Kristin Treider Treider, Anne Kristin Dental Instructor
Picture of Sanda Turkanovic Turkanovic, Sanda Dental Nurse
Picture of Dag Tvedt Tvedt, Dag Specialist Dentist
Picture of Johan Ulstad Ulstad, Johan Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47 22852255
Vagaska, Barbora Researcher
Picture of Vaska Vandevska-Radunovich Vandevska-Radunovich, Vaska Professor +47 22852247
Picture of Anders Verket Verket, Anders Associate Professor +47 22852064 +47 93667661 scaffold, Dental implant, Periodontology, Histology, bone graft, bone regeneration, osteoblast gene expression
Picture of Øyvind Verket Verket, Øyvind Dental Instructor
Picture of Jakob Are Vikse Vikse, Jakob Are Dental Instructor
Vollen, Mona Kathrine Nurse +47 92255983
Picture of Anne Vonen Vonen, Anne Dental Instructor +47 22852279 +47 40218807
Picture of Hege Kristin Våler Våler, Hege Kristin Clinical Coordinator +47 22852203
Picture of Nina Johanne Wang Wang, Nina Johanne Professor +47 22852270
Picture of Florian Weber Weber, Florian Doctoral Research Fellow Biomaterials, Surface modification and characterisation, Chemistry, polyphenols, Antibacterials, antioxidants
Picture of Anne Blix Werner Werner, Anne Blix Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Kristine Løken Westgaard Westgaard, Kristine Løken Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Tove Irene Wigen Wigen, Tove Irene Associate professor +47 22852041 developmental disturbance, preschool children, dental injuries, caries indicators, dental anxiety, caries, social inequalities
Picture of Elisabeth Wiig Wiig, Elisabeth Doctoral Research Fellow Developmental biology, Cell biology, Biology, Evolution, Biomaterials, bone regeneration, stem cells
Picture of Petter Wilberg Wilberg, Petter Specialist Dentist +47 22852375