Maria Schröder

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Visiting address Geitmyrsveien 71 0455 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1109 Blindern 0317 Oslo
Other affiliations Faculty of Dentistry (Student)

Academic Interests

Bone Regeneration, Osteoblasts, Biomaterials, Scaffolds, 3D Cell Culture, Spheroids, Perfusion Culture

Higher education and employment history

Maria graduated with a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Bayreuth, Germany, in 2016. During her Masters she worked within the Centre for Translational Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Research at the University Hospital Dresden. Here she was involved in research on mineralized collagen scaffolds, modified with strontium ions, for osteoporotic bone defect healing.

Her current field of research is the effect of mechanical load on bone and the targeted healing of bony defects using TIO2 scaffolds and perfusion culture. 



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