Minh Khai Le Thieu

Doctoral Research Fellow - Biomaterial Science
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Visiting address Geitmyrsveien 71 0455 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1109 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Dentistry (Student)

Academic Interests

Bone scaffolds, bone regeneration, biomaterials, dental filling materials.

Minh will continue the research work done on ceramic TiO2-scaffolds at our lab and will focus on analysing the biological performance of the scaffolds when implanted in bone tissue.


  • Cand.odont, University of Oslo



  • Thieu, Minh Khai Le; Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Esporrin, Javier Sanz; Sanz, Mariano; Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter & Verket, Anders (2021). Guided bone regeneration of chronic non-contained bone defects using a volume stable porous block TiO2 scaffold: An experimental in vivo study. Clinical Oral Implants Research.  ISSN 0905-7161. . doi: 10.1111/clr.13708 Show summary
  • Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Marovic, Danijela; Par, Matej; Thieu, Minh Khai Le; Reseland, Janne Elin & Johnsen, Gaute Floer (2020). Bulk Fill Composites Have Similar Performance to Conventional Dental Composites. International Journal of Molecular Sciences.  ISSN 1422-0067.  21(15), s 5136 . doi: 10.3390/ijms21145136 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
  • Hussain, Badra; Thieu, Minh Khai Le; Johnsen, Gaute Floer; Reseland, Janne Elin & Haugen, Håvard Jostein (2017). Can CAD/CAM resin blocks be considered as substitute for conventional resins?. Dental Materials.  ISSN 0109-5641.  33(12), s 1362- 1370 . doi: 10.1016/j.dental.2017.09.003 Show summary
  • Johnsen, Gaute Floer; Thieu, Minh Khai Le; Hussain, Badra; Pamula, Elzbieta; Reseland, Janne Elin; Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter & Haugen, Håvard Jostein (2017). Own brand label restorative materials - A false bargain?. Journal of Dentistry.  ISSN 0300-5712.  56, s 84- 98 . doi: 10.1016/j.jdent.2016.11.004 Show summary

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  • Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Johnsen, Gaute Floer; Reseland, Janne Elin; Hussain, Badra & Thieu, Minh Khai Le (2017). Can CAD/CAM Resin Blocks be Considered as a Substitute to Conventional Resins?.

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