The Institute Board

The Institute Board is the department's highest authority, with responsibility for setting the the institute 's main objectives, priorities and strategies.

The board is chaired by the Head of Institute who sits for a term of four years, with the exception of the student representatives, who are elected for one year at a time.

Board member Institute board member

Roger Simm (Head of Institute )


Anne Aamdal Scheie (Deputy Head of Institute )


Representantive Academic Staff


Tine M. Søland

Fernanda Cristina Petersen

Morten Enersen


Representantive Temporary Staff


Qalbi Khan


Representantive technical/ administrative staff


Ann-Kristin Ruus

Anne Karin Kristoffersen

Representantive External


Ellen M. Bruzell - NIOM

Odd Geiran - Rikshospitalet

Representantive Students 2015


Halvor Klareng

Eugen Sveinsen Treimo

Siv Andrine Berntsen



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