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Picture of Nina Merete Soelberg Johnsen Johnsen, Nina Merete Soelberg Adviser +47 22852172
Picture of Roger Junges Junges, Roger Førsteamanuensis +47 22840340 microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, genetic competence, signaling, pathogens, commensals, molecular microbiology, Biofilm, antibiotic resistance, microbiome, Oral health, dentistry
Picture of Inga Solgård Juvkam Juvkam, Inga Solgård Stipendiat +47 22840317
Picture of Sukhdeep Kakar Kakar, Sukhdeep Principal Engineer +47 22852090 Canvas, User accounts, Sympa, Nettskjema, TSD, Facad Collector, Facad, Web, Vortex, Lokal-IT, IT-tjenester, Printers, Evalg, Personpresentation
Picture of Powel Kallas Kallas, Powel Doctoral Research Fellow
Kalvik, Ulla Brit Specialist Nurse
Picture of Vasileios Kapralos Kapralos, Vasileios Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Cathrine Åsvang Karlsen Karlsen, Cathrine Åsvang Inst.tannl.m/spes
Picture of Heidi Karlstad Karlstad, Heidi Dental Hygienist +47 22852184
Kartoeva, Zalina Tannhelsesekr
Picture of Zina Supalak Kendee Kendee, Zina Supalak Tannhelsesekr
Picture of Qalbi Khan Khan, Qalbi Associate Professor
Picture of Ngoc Ky Cuong Khuu Khuu, Ngoc Ky Cuong Senior Engineer +47 22840374
Kjellvold, Gro Anita Clinical Secretary
Picture of Elisabeth Kjenstad Kjenstad, Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 22852047 +47-22852048
Picture of Tatiana Klemetsen Klemetsen, Tatiana Dental Instructor
Kleppan, Sjur Martin Apprentice
Picture of Dyveke Haagensen Knudsen Knudsen, Dyveke Haagensen Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Odd Carsten Koldsland Koldsland, Odd Carsten Associate Professor
Picture of Ingeborg Kolseth Kolseth, Ingeborg Inst.tannl.m/spes
Kolstad, Janne Beate Clinical Secretary
Picture of Sevil Konuskan Konuskan, Sevil Lecturer
Picture of Andreas Koutroulis Koutroulis, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow
Kristiansen, Geir Bjørnum
Picture of Anne Karin Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Anne Karin Senior Engineer +47 22840279 Biofilm, microbial diagnostics, protein purification, Microbiology, DNA-isolation, signalling, 16S rRNA sequencing