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Mobile phone +47 45 50 26 87
Available hours 08:00 -15:00
Visiting address KLINLAB
Postal address Postbox 1109 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Professional interests

  • miRNAs, ncRNAs and lncRNAs as regulators of the transcriptome
  • Transcriptome
  • Bioinformatics
  • Tooth and craniofacial development
  • Biomaterials
  • Toxicogenomics/ General toxicology
  • Embryology, Genetics, Immunology
  • Brominated flamme retardants


PhD-Dr Scientist  University of  Oslo         2011

Cand. Scientist     University of  Oslo         2005

Cand. Mag.           University of  Oslo        2002

Academic Activity

-During her PhD, she investigated and mapped the global gene

expressionin murine toothbuds using molecular biological Methods.

This resulted in the creation of a transcriptome database

(68 microarrays) entailing 16 time points of murine tooth

Development from the embryonic day 11th up to 8 days

post-partum (E11.5- P7).This novel method gave a better picture

of the Genetic events occuring during murine tooth Development.


-Identified new genes that have not been previously described

in tooth Development.


-She was the first to detect enamel genes (Ambn, Amelx and Enam)

and their translated proteins  in  tooth buds prior to mineralisation.

These were sensational results in 2006 because these genes

and respective translated proteins were expressed

much earlier than previously assumed.


-Established In Situ hibridisation (Ribo-and oligoprobes) at the institute

from january 2000-2011.


-She also developed a new method for isolation/extraction

of RNA from cells grown on scaffolds  at the Oral Research

laboratorium from september 2011-2013


-Currently researching on the rolle microRNAs (miRNAs)

play in the regulationof the murine transcriptome using

loss-of-function studies. 


-Main supervisor for PhD candidate Natalie Skalleberg

in the Project : MicroRNAs during murine tooth development


-Editorial Board member/peer reviewer of

American Journal of Bioscience and

Bioengineering, SciencePG


-Colaborates with  Linda Bergersen/Cecile Morland Group at IOB


-She also colaborates with the Oral Research laboratorium (ORL/IKO) ,

mlapping the transcriptome in biopsies or cells cultivated under various conditions.


-Participant of the faculty funded Project '' Why do biomaterials fail and how can failure be minimized''. Professor Janne Elin Reseland is the Project leder.

Working atm at the Clinical Research Lab started in Mai 2019-2020

Osmundsen and his Group also built two additional databases (2005-2015):

-A microRNA database comprising around 200 miRNA microarrays covering various developmental stages of murine tooth Development.


-A transcriptome datatbase  of around 50 microarrays covering different stages of murine sublingual salivary glands development.


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Tags: MicroRNA, microarray, qPCR, In Situ Hybridisation (ISH), RNA, DNA, transcriptomics, genomics, tooth development, bioinformatics
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