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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Didenko, Nataliya Clinical Coordinator +47 22852262
Picture of Paulina Natalia Dudzinska Dudzinska, Paulina Natalia Adviser +47 22859196 Human resources administration, HSE
Picture of Odin Mikal Ekstrøm Ekstrøm, Odin Mikal Principal Engineer +47 22852046 +47 90817397 Lokal-IT AV-tjenester IT-tjenester
El Khalki, Wassila Dental Hygienist +47 22852212
Picture of Pramila Elangarajah Elangarajah, Pramila Clinical Secretary
Evensen, Marita Specialist Nurse
Frilles, Andre Head Engineer +47 22852022 +47 41510348
Picture of Knut Grenne Grenne, Knut Head Engineer +47 22852122 +47 45396125
Halvorsen, Hege Therese Dental Nurse
Picture of Kristin Beathe Hansen Hansen, Kristin Beathe Section Manager +47 22852286
Picture of Monica Braathen Hanssen Hanssen, Monica Braathen Secretary +47 22852214
Picture of Md Mahdi Hasan Hasan, Md Mahdi Head Engineer +47 22851320 Scanning Electron Microscopy,  CLEM,  3D imaging,  STED,  Expansion Microscopy
Picture of Marianne Lange Hauge Hauge, Marianne Lange Clinical Secretary +47 22852234
Picture of Ingunn Haugenes Haugenes, Ingunn Higher Executive Officer +47 22852115
Hegge, Terje Senior Adviser +47 22852131 +47 92494612
Picture of Inger Heiberg Heiberg, Inger Clinical Coordinator +47 22852025
Picture of Nina Hellerud Hellerud, Nina Dental Nurse
Heyward, Catherine Anne Senior Engineer +47 22852363 +47 90093113
Picture of Aud Jorid Kjellsbøl Hole Hole, Aud Jorid Kjellsbøl Dental Hygienist
Hussain, Tanzeela Dental Nurse
Picture of Renuka Fernando Ilekuttige Ilekuttige, Renuka Fernando Dental Nurse
Ismail, Omer-Elfaroug Ibrahim Sid-Ahmed Principal Engineer
Picture of Helén Cecilie Jacobsen Jacobsen, Helén Cecilie Clinical Secretary +47 22852015
Jahiji, Aferdita Dental Hygienist +47 22852188
Picture of Leif Erling Jensen Jensen, Leif Erling Assistent Faculty Director +47 22852230 +47 91173180 Web page, procects