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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andronova, Natalia Senior Adviser +47 22845337
Picture of Nasire Bani Hashem Bani Hashem, Nasire Adviser +47 22852241
Picture of Thomas Berg Berg, Thomas Senior Engineer +47 22852069
Picture of Astrid Skiftesvik Bjørkeng Bjørkeng, Astrid Skiftesvik Senior Adviser +47 45512054 Communication, Research communication, Social Media
Picture of Paulina Natalia Dudzinska Dudzinska, Paulina Natalia Adviser +47 22859196 Human resources administration, HSE
Picture of Odin Mikal Ekstrøm Ekstrøm, Odin Mikal Principal Engineer +47 22852046 +47 90817397 Lokal-IT AV-tjenester IT-tjenester
Picture of Knut Grenne Grenne, Knut Head Engineer +47 22852122 +47 45396125
Picture of Ingunn Haugenes Haugenes, Ingunn Higher Executive Officer +47 22852115
Hegge, Terje Senior Adviser +47 22852131 +47 92494612
Picture of Leif Erling Jensen Jensen, Leif Erling Assistent Faculty Director +47 22852230 +47 91173180 Web page, procects
Johansen, Marie Lindeman Principal Engineer +47 22852065
Picture of Nina Merete Soelberg Johnsen Johnsen, Nina Merete Soelberg Adviser +47 22852172
Picture of Sukhdeep Kakar Kakar, Sukhdeep Principal Engineer +47 22852090 Canvas, User accounts, Sympa, Nettskjema, TSD, Facad Collector, Facad, Web, Vortex, Lokal-IT, IT-tjenester, Printers, Evalg, Personpresentation
Picture of Jonas Eide Leirfall Leirfall, Jonas Eide Senior Executive Officer +47 22852284
Picture of Shanthan Navaratnam Navaratnam, Shanthan Section Manager +47 22852120 +47 97178440 Budget, Local-IT, IT-support, IT-manager
Picture of Maria Dana Hansen Nesteby Nesteby, Maria Dana Hansen Senior Adviser +47 22844686
Picture of Mai-Elin Nguyen Nguyen, Mai-Elin Senior Adviser +47 22852026
Picture of Fredrik Haugen Pedersen Pedersen, Fredrik Haugen Senior Engineer +47 22852042
Picture of Jayananthan Pillai Pillai, Jayananthan Head Engineer +47 22852150 +47 91608507
Sloreby, Astrid Senior Adviser +47 22852237 +47 45889450 Human resources administration
Picture of Ingar Arnodd Storfjell Storfjell, Ingar Arnodd Principal Engineer +47 22852053
Picture of Namgyal Tsomo Svenningsen Svenningsen, Namgyal Tsomo Adviser +47 22852199
Picture of Anne-Grethe Søreng Søreng, Anne-Grethe Adviser +47 22845968
Picture of Karen Marie Ulshagen Ulshagen, Karen Marie Director of Department +47 22852239
Picture of Snezana Popovic Vujovic Vujovic, Snezana Popovic Senior Executive Officer +47 22852324