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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ann-Kristin Molværsmyr Molværsmyr, Ann-Kristin Senior Engineer +47 22840319 transfection, subcloning, organ culture, Western Blott (WB), Real-time PCR, Reportergen assay, cell culture, immunoprecipitation
Picture of Benvinda Freitas Monteiro Monteiro, Benvinda Freitas Clinical Coordinator +47 22852362
Picture of Maria Pia Montero Montero, Maria Pia Dental Nurse
Picture of Helle Eckard Mosebekk Mosebekk, Helle Eckard Higher Executive Officer +47 22852289
Picture of Ali-Oddin Naemi Naemi, Ali-Oddin Senior Engineer +47 22840311 Bacterial Biofilm techniques; Static & flow system, PCR, RT-PCR, cell culture, C. elegans, CLSM
Picture of Shanthan Navaratnam Navaratnam, Shanthan Section Manager +47 22852120 +47 97178440 Budget, Local-IT, IT-support, IT-manager
Nesteby, Annika Beate Hansen
Picture of Maria Dana Hansen Nesteby Nesteby, Maria Dana Hansen Senior Adviser +47 22844686
Picture of Mai-Elin Nguyen Nguyen, Mai-Elin Senior Adviser +47 22852026
Picture of Mona Irene Hanvold Nilsen Nilsen, Mona Irene Hanvold Dental Nurse +47 22852336
Picture of Trond Henning Nordahl Nordahl, Trond Henning Head Engineer +47 22852393 +47 93028621
Oeding, Marianne Småladen Secretary
Picture of Anne Kristin Ohm Ohm, Anne Kristin Section Manager +47 22852178
Picture of Gry Elisabeth Olsen Olsen, Gry Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 22840321 purchasing, Basware, HR-portal, Refund, Traveling
Picture of Parivash Panahkhahi Panahkhahi, Parivash Clinical Secretary
Picture of Liebert Parreiras Nogueira Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert Chief Engineer +47 22855238 +47 48159853 Biomaterials, imaging, microCT, nanoCT, Synchrotron
Picture of Fredrik Haugen Pedersen Pedersen, Fredrik Haugen Senior Engineer +47 22852042
Pedersen, Lars Erik Specialist Nurse
Picture of Slavica Pejic Djurasovic Pejic Djurasovic, Slavica Dental Hygienist
Picture of Jayananthan Pillai Pillai, Jayananthan Head Engineer +47 22852150 +47 91608507
Picture of Nenad Rakovic Rakovic, Nenad Principal Engineer
Picture of Hilde Rasmussen Rasmussen, Hilde Clinical Secretary
Ringvold, Lisa
Picture of Agnieszka Rogala Rogala, Agnieszka Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840351
Picture of Ann-Kristin Ruus Ruus, Ann-Kristin Head Engineer +47 22840326 Chemical handling, organ culture, purchasing, cell culture, Western Blott (WB), PCR & Q-PCR, RNA isolation