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Phone +47 22855238
Mobile phone +47 48159853
Visiting address Geitmyrsveien 71 0455 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1109 Blindern 0317 Oslo

Academic Interests

MicroCT, NanoCT, Synchrotron Radiation, X-ray imaging, Scaffolds, Image analysis, Histomorphometric quantification.


Higher education and employment history

Liebert is a former Professor from Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil), where he worked for 6 years, and got involved in many activities, such as teaching and supervising Master and Ph.D


* Ph.D (2011) also in Nuclear Engineer, from Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil

* Master of Science (2008) in Nuclear Engineer, from Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil

* Post-doctoral Research (2016) at the Physics Department of the State University of Londrina, Brazil.


Tags: Biomaterials, imaging, microCT, nanoCT, Synchrotron


  • Bjørge, Isabel M.; de Sousa, Barbara M; Patricio, Sonia; Silva, Ana Sofia; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert & Santos, Lucia [Show all 10 contributors for this article] (2022). Bioengineered hierarchical bone-like compartmentalized microconstructs using nanogrooved microdiscs. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. ISSN 1944-8244.
  • Luzon, Javier; Thorsen, Yngve; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Andersen, Solveig Norheim; Edwin, Bjørn von Gohren & Haugen, Håvard Jostein [Show all 8 contributors for this article] (2022). Reconstructing topography and extent of injury to the superior mesenteric artery plexus in right colectomy with extended D3 mesenterectomy: a composite multimodal 3-dimensional analysis. Surgical Endoscopy. ISSN 0930-2794. doi: 10.1007/s00464-022-09200-2. Full text in Research Archive
  • Elkolali, Moustafa; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Rønning, Per Ola & Alcocer, Alex (2022). Void Content Determination of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers: A Comparison between Destructive and Non-Destructive Methods. Polymers. ISSN 2073-4360. 14(6). doi: 10.3390/polym14061212. Full text in Research Archive
  • Johnsen, Gaute Floer; Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Sevgi, Usame; Jimenez, Ashley Mae & DeLuca, Joseph T. [Show all 8 contributors for this article] (2022). Assessment of Root Canal Similarity in Contralateral Mandibular Incisors. International Dental Journal. ISSN 0020-6539. doi: 10.1016/j.identj.2022.04.003. Full text in Research Archive
  • Santos, Jefferson Ferreira; Ferreira-Machada, Samara Cristina; Salata, Camila; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Lau, Claudio Sergio Correa & Appoloni, Carlos Roberto [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2022). RANKL/OPG signaling affects the bone structure in rat model of mandibular osteoradionecrosis. Brazilian Journal of Health Review. ISSN 2595-6825. doi: 10.34119/bjhrv5n1-199. Full text in Research Archive
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  • Zhu, Hao; Li, Meng; Huang, Xiaolong; Qi, Dahu; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert & Yuan, Xi [Show all 11 contributors for this article] (2021). 3D printed tricalcium phosphate-bioglass scaffold with gyroid structure enhance bone ingrowth in challenging bone defect treatment. Applied Materials Today. ISSN 2352-9407. doi: 10.1016/j.apmt.2021.101166.
  • Léon, Alexis Jair Enríquez; Souza, Thiago Delgado; Aragão, Francisco thiago sacramento; Maués Brabo Pereira, André & Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras (2021). Characterization of the air void content of fine aggregate matrices within asphalt concrete mixtures. Construction and Building Materials. ISSN 0950-0618. doi: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2021.124214.
  • Kissi, Eric Ofosu; Nilsson, Robin; Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras; Larsson, Anette & Tho, Ingunn (2021). Influence of Drug Load on the Printability and Solid-State Properties of 3D-Printed Naproxen-Based Amorphous Solid Dispersion. Molecules. ISSN 1420-3049. 26(15). doi: 10.3390/molecules26154492. Full text in Research Archive
  • Rocha, Elisson BD da; Souza, Ana Maria F; Silva, Ana Lúcia N; Furtado, Cristina RG; Colaço, Marcos Vinicius & Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras (2021). Quantitative micro-computed tomography analysis and rheological investigation of Nitrile rubber/Rockwool composites. Journal of composite materials. ISSN 0021-9983. doi: 10.1177/00219983211033886.
  • Léon, Alexis Jair Enríquez; Souza, Thiago Delgado; Aragão, Francisco thiago sacramento; Braz, Delson; Pereira, André Maués Brabo & Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras (2021). Determination of the air void content of asphalt concrete mixtures using artificial intelligence techniques to segment micro-CT images. International Journal of Pavement Engineering. ISSN 1029-8436. doi: 10.1080/10298436.2021.1931197.
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  • Zhu, Hao; Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Perale, Giuseppe; Reseland, Janne Elin; Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras & Cantalapiedra, Antonio gonzalez [Show all 11 contributors for this article] (2021). Tailoring Resorption Rates and Osteogenic Response in Xeno-Hybrid Bone Grafts: The Effect of Added Gelatins. Engineering (Beijing). ISSN 2095-8099. doi: 10.1016/j.eng.2021.01.010. Full text in Research Archive
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  • Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Qasim, Syed Saad Bin; Matinlinna, Jukka P; Vallittu, Pekka K. & Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras (2020). Nano-CT as tool for characterization of dental resin composites. Scientific Reports. ISSN 2045-2322. 10. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-72599-y. Full text in Research Archive
  • Qasim, Saad B; Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras; Amr S, fawzy & Daood, Umer (2020). The Effect of Cross-linking Efficiency of Drug-Loaded Novel Freeze Gelated Chitosan Templates for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration. AAPS PharmSciTech. ISSN 1530-9932. doi: 10.1208/s12249-020-01708-x. Full text in Research Archive
  • Osmari, Patrícia Hennig; Costa, Rogério Ferreira da ; Aragão, Francisco Thiago Sacramento; Braz, Delson; Barroso, Regina C. & Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2020). Determination of Volumetric Characteristics of FAM Mixtures using X-Ray Micro-Computed Tomography and Their Effects on the Rheological Behavior of the Material. Transportation Research Record. ISSN 0361-1981. doi: 10.1177/0361198120914607.
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  • Abadpour, Shadab; Niemi, Essi Maria; Strid Orrhult, Linnea; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Haugen, Håvard Jostein & Josefsen, Dag [Show all 10 contributors for this article] (2021). 307.7: 3D Bioprinting of Functional Islets With Adipose-derived Stromal Cells in an Alginate/Nanocellulose Scaffold. Transplantation. ISSN 0041-1337. p. S25–S25. doi: 10.1097/
  • Azevedo, Pedro L.; Dias, Rhayara; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert; Maradei, Simone; Bigni, Ricardo & Aragão, Jordana S. R. [Show all 8 contributors for this article] (2021). Reduced Osteogenic Differentiation Potential In Vivo in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Patients Correlates with Decreased BMP4 Expression in Mesenchymal Stromal Cells. International Journal of Stem Cells. ISSN 2005-3606. doi: 10.15283/ijsc21138. Full text in Research Archive
  • Haugen, Håvard Jostein & Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert (2021). Novel contrast agent for visualisation of soft tissue with X-ray imaging.
  • Haugen, Håvard Jostein; Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert & Sunde, Pia Titterud (2021). Use of novel contrast enhanced agent for tissue engineering.
  • Qasim, Syed Saad Bin; Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras; Fawzy, Amr S. & Daood, Umer (2020). Correction to: the Effect of Cross-Linking Efficiency of Drug-Loaded Novel Freeze Gelated Chitosan Templates for Periodontal Tissue Regeneration (AAPS PharmSciTech, (2020), 21, 5, (173), 10.1208/s12249-020-01708-x). AAPS PharmSciTech. ISSN 1530-9932. 21(7). doi: 10.1208/s12249-020-01778-x.

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