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Picture of Gunn Bjella Sæther Sæther, Gunn Bjella Adviser +47 22852238
Picture of Aurora Aravena Sølna Sølna, Aurora Aravena Senior Executive Officer +47 22852092 +47 91373586
Picture of Anne Grethe Søreng Søreng, Anne Grethe Adviser +47 22845968
Picture of Bente Olin Teigmo Teigmo, Bente Olin Head Nurse +47 22852303
Picture of Hilde Kvamme Titlestad Titlestad, Hilde Kvamme Adviser - on leave
Picture of Elin Merete Toremo Toremo, Elin Merete Dental Nurse +47 22852272
Picture of Gerald Torgersen Torgersen, Gerald Head Engineer +47 22852112 +47 47237536 PACS, radiation protection, diagnostic physics, radiation doses, CT, Cone Beam CT, Quality assurance of advanced radiological equipment
Torisdottir, Hafdis Clinical Coordinator
Picture of Anna Torwick Torwick, Anna Senior Executive Officer +47 22840371
Picture of Loan Thi Kim Tran Tran, Loan Thi Kim Dental Nurse
Picture of Sanda Turkanovic Turkanovic, Sanda Dental Nurse
Picture of Lin Malin Ullern Ullern, Lin Malin Head of Office +47 22840347 Economy, HSE, Human resources administrastion
Picture of Evan Michael Vallenari Vallenari, Evan Michael Principal Engineer +47 22840315
Vollen, Mona Kathrine Nurse +47 92255983
Picture of Snezana Popovic Vujovic Vujovic, Snezana Popovic Senior Executive Officer +47 22852324
Picture of Hege Kristin Våler Våler, Hege Kristin Clinical Coordinator +47 22852203
Picture of Hanne Margrete Weidemann Weidemann, Hanne Margrete Head Engineer +47 22840383
Picture of Alexandra Yanez Yanez, Alexandra Executive Officer +47 22852213
Picture of Anne-Karin Ødegård Ødegård, Anne-Karin Dental Nurse +47 22852233
Picture of Kari Øverby Øverby, Kari Senior Adviser +47 22858159 +47 45917839 +47 459 17 839
Picture of Torbjørn Korella Aaberg Aaberg, Torbjørn Korella Principal Engineer +47 22840367 +47 40553262 +4790032070
Aagaard, Maj-Britt Bøye Clinical Secretary
Picture of Heidi Aarø  Åmdal Åmdal, Heidi Aarø Head Engineer +47 22 84 02 83 Bacterial work, Molecular biology techniques