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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tone Røtnes Røtnes, Tone Senior Executive Officer +47-22852173
Saeed, Muhammad Head Engineer +47-22840365
Picture of Margit E Sanderson Sanderson, Margit E Executive Officer +47-22852036
Picture of Turid Sandsmark Sandsmark, Turid Senior Executive Officer +47-22852011
Picture of Olaf Joseph Franciscus Schreurs Schreurs, Olaf Joseph Franciscus Head Engineer +47-22840361 cell culture, Western Blott (WB), In Situ Hybridisation (ISH), Histology, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), Microscopy
Picture of Margit Selsjord Selsjord, Margit Principal Engineer +47-22852065 41220493
Picture of Katarina Sjølie Sjølie, Katarina Clinical Coordinator +47-22852096
Picture of Susanne Skistad Skistad, Susanne Executive Officer
Picture of Anne Jernberg Skogbakken Skogbakken, Anne Jernberg Principal Engineer +47-22852155
Picture of Brit Susanne Skramstad Skramstad, Brit Susanne Chief Research Technician +47-22852188
Picture of Kjell Skaar Skaar, Kjell Head Engineer +47-22852067 +47-92607531
Picture of Lena Solbakken Solbakken, Lena Executive Officer +47-22852258
Picture of Heidi Kristin Solbrekken Solbrekken, Heidi Kristin Dental Nurse +47-22852025
Picture of Mona Steinhaugen Steinhaugen, Mona Clinical Coordinator +47-22852335 +47-95107263
Picture of Solveig Stig Stig, Solveig Head Engineer +47-22840386 cell culture, RNA isolation, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), PCR & Q-PCR
Picture of Ingar Arnodd Storfjell Storfjell, Ingar Arnodd Principal Engineer +47-22852053
Picture of Sissel Strømfjord Strømfjord, Sissel Head Nurse +47-22852246 +47-95212811
Picture of Håkon Størmer Størmer, Håkon Senior Engineer +47-22852243 +47-40245748
Sundo, Muamera Dental Nurse
Picture of Namgyal Tsomo Svenningsen Svenningsen, Namgyal Tsomo Adviser +47-22852199
Picture of Gunn Bjella Sæther Sæther, Gunn Bjella Adviser +47-22852238
Picture of Aurora A. Sølna Sølna, Aurora A. Senior Executive Officer +47-22852092 +47-91373586
Picture of Anne Grethe Søreng Søreng, Anne Grethe Adviser +47-22845968
Picture of Arezu Taha Taha, Arezu Dental Nurse
Picture of Bente Olin Teigmo Teigmo, Bente Olin Head Nurse +47-22852303