Heidi Aarø Åmdal

Head Engineer
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Phone +47 22 84 02 83
Room M029(lab) M046(office)
Visiting address Department of Oral Biology Sognsvansveien 10 N-0372 Oslo
Postal address Faculty of Dentistry Department of Oral Biology Sognsvannsveien 10 N-0372 Oslo

Field of responsibility

Communication, competence and biofilm formation among oral and lung pathogen streptococci

Cell- and molecular biology methods

Designing biofilm models and models for interaction between streptococci and eucaryotes

Construction of mutants and reporters

Designing transformation protocols

Training and support of PhD students and master students in laboratory techniques

Laboratory course support: The Oral Ecosystem I, 5th semester students




Principal engineer, The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, UiO, 2005-2007

Bioengineer, Bachelor, HiO, 2005

Research technician, Institute of physical chemistry, NTNU, 1980-1990

Biochemist technician school, Tromsø, 1980

Tags: Bacterial work, Molecular biology techniques
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