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How to apply for admission

Please make sure that all necessary information is enclosed with your application before you submit it to the faculty. There are no application deadlines.

Quick guide on how to apply for admission

1. Do you meet the necessary requirements for admission?

2. Familiarize yourself with what the application should contain.

3. Find out if you are employed at the University of Oslo or not.

Admission period

The PhD education has a stipulated length of 3 years’ full-time study.  A proposed schedule of more than 6 years on the PhD programme will not be accepted (i.e less than 50 %).

The PhD contract

Admission to one of the university's PhD programmes will be formalised in a written contract signed by the PhD candidate, the supervisor, the basic unit and the Faculty. The contract governs the parties' rights and obligations during the admission period.

An academic supervisor who is appointed subsequent to the candidate's admission must sign a contract for the change of supervisor.

Requirements for admission

Familiarize yourself with the regulations for the degree of PhD before you apply for admission.


  • To be admitted to the PhD programme you must have completed at least five years of higher education, i.e. a master's degree or equivalent studies. In exceptional cases the faculty can admit, after an evaluation of the scope and quality of a programme, an applicant with a one year master's degree.

Project funding

  • You must be able to document project funding.


  • You must have a minimum of two supervisors. One of your supervisors must be employed at the faculty.
  • The principal supervisor should as a general rule be internal and employed at the faculty. When relevant for the project, a candidate can submit a short summary giving his/her reasons for choosing an external principal supervisor.
  • If the principal supervisor is external, the co-supervisor must be internal, i.e. employed at the faculty.
  • Your application should be signed by your supervisors before it is submitted.

The application must include the following:

  • Application form to the PhD programme (doc).
  • Project description.
  • Confirmation of funding for minimum 1 year (100%) (if you are not employed by the University of Oslo).
  • Certified true copies of diploma and transcript of records. You do not need to enclose copy of your diploma if you have taken your degree at UiO.
  • Copy of signed employment contract (if you are not employed by the University of Oslo).
  • A tentative plan for the elective component of the educational component, i.e. plan for 20 credits (ECTS) of 30 credits (ECTS).
  • A plan for completing the project within the prescribed admission period.
  • If relevant, agreement with an external party. Two completed copies of agreement with an external party must be enclosed with the Application.

Project description

You must submit a project description with your application. The project description must only cover your specific PhD project. The project description should consist of maximum 10 pages, including a reference list, and should normally contain the following:

  • Clarification of topic, including the background of the project and relationship to national and international research within the field of study.
  • Clarification of the research question.
  • Description of the data basis and source material that will be used, and how the data and material will be collected and analysed (if relevant).
  • An account of your independent contribution if the PhD project is to be included in a larger research project.


You are responsible in finding out which approvals your project needs.

Information about applications to REC and other bodies.

Agreement with an external party

Candidates not employed by the University of Oslo

Candidates who are not employed by the University of Oslo must fill out the agreement with an external party.

Two copies of the agreement should be enclosed with the application.

The agreement must be signed by a person who has the authority to commit the external party, often the immediate leader. Your supervisor should as a general rule not commit the external party.

What happens to incomplete applications?

  1. You will get an email if your application is incomplete.
  2. You must forward incomplete documentation as soon as possible.

Handing in your application

  • Send or hand in your application to the faculty.

Faculty of Dentistry

Visiting address: Faculty administration, contact person Natalia Andronova, Geitmyrsveien 69, 0455 Oslo

Postal address: Faculty of Dentistry, P.o. box 1142 Blindern, 0318 Oslo

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