The treatment of periodontal diseases

A randomized, blinded, four-arm, placebo controlled trial.

About the project

Working hypothesis: There is no difference in long term clinical and microbiological outcome between groups of patients treated with scaling and root planing/full dentition disinfection and scaling and root planing with or without use of Metronidazole. The relevance of the project lies in the proper scientific testing of a novel treatment strategy that emphasizes the collaboration between the general practicing dentist and the specialist. Moreover, results and knowledge from basic research (antibiotics, microbiology and biofilms) are transferred to clinical research and explicitly applied in this novel treatment strategy. The project is anticipated to add to the national and international building of competence in periodontology and periodontics, through the understanding of the biofilm’s critical effect on success of treatment strategies in periodontics.


For details on the project see the project description.


Details on the ImageJ plugin developed for the project can be found in the page of this publication.


The project has received a grant from NFR (185120 / v50)


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Tags: Treatment modalities, Periodontitis, Biofilm
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