Preus, Hans Ragnar; Torgersen, Gerald R.; Hansen, Bjørn Frode; Koldsland, Odd Carsten; Aass, Anne Merete; Larheim, Tore Arne & Sandvik, Leiv (2015). A new digital tool for radiographic bone level measurements in longitudinal studies.BMC Oral Health.  ISSN 1472-6831.  15, s 107 . doi: doi:10.1186/s12903-015-0092-9


Underlying material

Method and software



The Roentenological Attachment Analyzer Plugin developed for this project by Gerald Torgersen on clinical specs by Hans R. Preus. The plugin works with the free image processing and analyze software ImageJ. It stores the sites coordinates from the points entered by the user. The plugin is provided to the public domain under the GPL version 3 license with no warranty or responsibility taken for the use of the software.



Tags: Periodontology
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