Erasmus interns enjoyed a summer in Oslo

Two student interns spent a summer working on research projects at our lab in Oslo.

Annija and Marie have been working at our lab in Oslo this summer.

Meet two of our Erasmus interns Marie Maubert and Annija Stepulāne

Marie: I am an Erasmus student working at the Department of Biomaterials for 3 months. During my engineering studies in Polytech Nantes in France, I specialized in material science with the aim to work in the field of medicine. This is why I choose to do my internship in a biomaterial lab and work on biomaterials for dental implants.

Annija: I am a Bachelor student from Riga Technical University, Latvia and during my studies in Chemical Technology I have been specializing in Biomaterial Chemistry and Technology. In Riga, most of my research practice takes place in Rudolfs Cimdins Riga Biomaterials Innovations and Development Centre, where my work mainly focuses on synthesis methods of calcium phosphate bioceramics and their applications in bone scaffold production. Since my study programme included a mandatory internship period, I decided to further extend my skills and knowledge in the field of biomaterials by visiting UiO’s Department of Biomaterials. That I was able to do with the help of Erasmus+ Student Internship mobility programme.

What have our interns learned in Oslo?

Marie:During these 3 months at the department of biomaterials, I worked with Dr. Hanna Tiainen and my project has focused on deposition and characterization of polyphenol nanocoatings on titanium surfaces. The tannic acid layers I was working on can be used as biocompatible films on dental implants surface to avoid issues like bacterial infections. The purpose was to test different deposition parameters for the layer and assess the thickness and structure of the formed nanocoatings. This work includes characterization of the coatings by methods such as QCM-D as well as UV-vis and infrared spectroscopy.

I have a really great stay in Norway and I would do it all again: I enjoyed both working in a very nice and multicultural atmosphere and exploring Oslo and its surroundings.

Annija: My project here was focused on enzymatically degradable polyethylene glycol hydrogel production and characterization. By varying production conditions and parameters, I investigated different material properties of hydrogel networks. This work was done in accordance with other ongoing research projects, all of which aim in the same direction: to develop in situ formed, cell-responsive, injectable hydrogels for bone tissue regeneration.

Department of Biomaterials offered me not only a wide variety of scientific instrumentation for quality research work, but also an experienced and welcoming group of researchers from all around the world. The friendly atmosphere at the lab and amazing helpfulness of my supervisors made my stay in Oslo truly memorable.

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Published Sep. 1, 2016 11:48 AM - Last modified Sep. 21, 2020 12:13 PM