Biomaterials World Tour 2016

Some of our researchers launched on a world tour to present our latest results to fellow biomaterials scientist.

Sebastian Geissler explaining his poster to interested researchers at the World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal.

Researchers from the Department of Biomaterials embarked on a world tour to present their latest results to biomaterials scientists from all over the world at the 10th World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal in May and at the 9th Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society of Biomaterials in Reykjavík in June.

PhD candidates Manuel Schweikle and David Wiedmer had oral presentations in Montreal on investigating gelation kinetics and mechanical properties of hydrogels and desinfection of infected implant surfaces using TiO2-H2O2 suspensions, respectively. On his poster, Sebastian Geissler presented his results on polyphenol coating formation on titanium implant surfaces, while Hanna Tiainen presented results from Benjamin Müller's PhD project on prevention of grain boundary corrosion in porous TiO2 bone scaffolds.

From Canada, the biomaterials tour continued to Iceland where our travellers were joined by PhD candidates Anne Klemm, Aman S. Chahal, and Postdoc Manuel Gómez-Florit to present our recent research results on TiO2 scaffold develelopment, synthetic hydrogel matrices for bone regeneration, and titanium implant surface modification to our Nordic peers at the annual ScSB conference in Reykjavík. 

Manuel Schweikle presenting his poster on tuning the gelation kinetics of synthetic cell-responsive hydrogels. On the reverse side of the poster panel, Aman S. Chahal is explaining cell-adhesive functionalisation of the same gels to Jonny Blaker, who recently visited our lab as Dr Müller's opponent for his PhD defence. 


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Published July 2, 2016 3:18 PM - Last modified Oct. 25, 2021 1:11 PM