Turkish delights

Usame Sevgi from Dicle University in Turkey joined our group for three months, bringing along some Turkish delight and an healthy appetite for science.

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Our Erasmus intern Usame Sevgi spent very productive three months at our lab.

Meet our Erasmus intern Usame Sevgi

I am a recently graduated dentist from Dicle University in Turkey. I was granted post-graduate internship by Erasmus+ Internship Mobility to come and do research at the Department of Biomaterials for three months. My intention for this internship was to get some hands-on experience in research and gain more cumulative knowledge in field in dentistry.

What has Usame learned during his stay in Oslo?

I worked on two research topics at the lab: multigradient nanofibres and comparative studies on root canal anatomy. Working on these projects, I have learned several useful imaging and characterization methods, such as micro- and nanoCT, scanning electron microscopy and cryosectioning. My main task was to image samples using nanoCT, which allowed me to gained in-depth knowledge in image reconstruction, adjustment and optimisation of imaging and reconstruction parameters, and 2D & 3D visualisation and analysis of the imaging data as well as the specific software that is used to perform these tasks.

During my stay in Oslo, I had the chance to contribute to research articles with the data I generated at the lab. Participating in the entire article writing process, involving data acquisition and analysis, presenting the results in an article format, writing and editing the article manuscript, and even the final submission process, made me feel how much I had developed as a scientist. It was very satisfying to see the output of your hard work leading up to something concrete, thanks to a well-organised project and the nicest and encouraging people with whom I was collaborating.

The biomaterials lab is a very multidisciplinary place to work at and provides an excellent place to learn about science and how to do research. I really enjoyed my stay at the lab, especially having great people around and learning from them, listening to their experiences, having guidance and many chats during lunch, sharing a lot of cakes (watch out for the cake rules for your own good..!), and most of all, working in an enjoyable workplace with them.



Photo by Minh Thieu / UiO

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Published Feb. 20, 2022 7:52 PM - Last modified Feb. 20, 2022 7:52 PM