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The section has responsibility for teaching and research linked to facial and mandibular growth and the development of dentition, and the treatment of congenital and acquired bite and dentition anomalies.

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 A clinic for the treatment of children and adults in need of orthodontic treatment (the treatment of irregular teeth) is attached to the teaching programme.

  • Conduct orthodontic teaching activities in accordance with internationally recognised guidelines
  • Conduct research in orthodontics at an international level
  • Conduct academic development in the discipline through international projects and through inter-disciplinary cooperation with the Faculty
  • Conduct patient treatment of a high standard, with an emphasis on safe routines and good patient service
  • Uphold a national responsibility for investigative, advisory and treatment functions for complicated conditions requiring advanced levels of competence.
  • Endeavour to maintain a good physical and social environment at the clinic.

Section of Orthodontics

Institute of Clinical Dentistry
Faculty of Dentistry
Box 1109 Blindern
0317 Oslo

Visiting address

Geitmyrsveien 71

Head of section

Vaska Vandevska-Radunovic

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