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Picture of Camilla Neerbye Berntsen Berntsen, Camilla Neerbye Senior Executive Officer +47 22852267
Berntsen, Nina Skoe Dental Instructor
Picture of Kari Birkeland Birkeland, Kari Associate Professor +47 22852248 +47 97504602
Picture of Hege Bjørkeng Bjørkeng, Hege Dental Instructor
Picture of Kari Bjørndal Bjørndal, Kari Dental Instructor
Picture of Tore Bjørnland Bjørnland, Tore Professor 22852233 implants, 3.rd molars, TMJ, Ultraound, nerve damage, Temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis
Picture of Jonathan James Blaker Blaker, Jonathan James Professor II
Blich, Marthe Marie Dental Instructor
Picture of Inger Johanne S. Blix Blix, Inger Johanne S. Associate Professor +47 22852097
Picture of Meryem Boughaba Boughaba, Meryem Dental Nurse +47 22852012
Picture of Jelena Bozovic Bozovic, Jelena Dental Nurse
Picture of Anne Sofie Brath Brath, Anne Sofie Dental Instructor +47 92459501
Picture of Alexander Bremnes Bremnes, Alexander Head Engineer
Brungar, Guri Dalheim Clinical Secretary
Picture of Ingvild Johnsen Brusevold Brusevold, Ingvild Johnsen Associate Professor +47 22852158
Picture of Johanne Bye Bye, Johanne Dental Hygienist +47 22852262
Picture of Liliana Diaz Byfuglien Byfuglien, Liliana Diaz Executive Officer +47 22852215
Picture of Kjersti Elisabeth Carlsen Carlsen, Kjersti Elisabeth Adviser +47 22852228
Picture of Aman Singh Chahal Chahal, Aman Singh Tissue Regeneration, Biomaterials, Stem Cell Biology
Chamczyk, Mateusz Roch Head Engineer +47 22852057
Picture of Xiangjun Chen Chen, Xiangjun Postdoctoral Fellow
Cvejic, Dijana Clinical Secretary
Dabestani, Seid Adnan Principal Engineer
Picture of Bjørn Einar Dahl Dahl, Bjørn Einar Lecturer +47 22852009
Picture of Jon Einar Dahl Dahl, Jon Einar Professor II +47-22852162 +47-22852213