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Dingsør, Gyri Merete Henriksen Dentist Instructor
Picture of Andreas Dobloug Dobloug, Andreas Chief Engineer +47 22840085
Picture of Lars Martin Døving Døving, Lars Martin Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Mark Brian Earl Earl, Mark Brian Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Jasna Kazazic Eger Eger, Jasna Kazazic Dentist Instructor
Picture of Knut Erik Eide Eide, Knut Erik Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
Picture of Anne Eikeland Eikeland, Anne Lecturer +47 22852295
Eilertsen, Inger Marie Lund Dentist Instructor with clinical speciality
El Khalki, Wassila Dental Hygienist +47 22852212
Picture of Pramila Elangarajah Elangarajah, Pramila Clinical Secretary
Picture of Jan Eirik Ellingsen Ellingsen, Jan Eirik Professor +47 22852141 +47 41383417 91184002
Picture of Per Kristian Elvestad Elvestad, Per Kristian Dentist Instructor
Picture of Unni Endal Endal, Unni Lecturer
Picture of Morten Enersen Enersen, Morten Postdoctoral position +47 22840316 Microbiology, periodontitis, dental implant, biofim, bioinformatics, oral hygiene
Picture of Dagrun Myklebust Ernø Ernø, Dagrun Myklebust Dental Hygienist
Evang, Linda Dentist Instructor
Evensen, Marita Specialist Nurse
Fasting, Anna Dentist Instructor
Picture of Katrine Gahre Fjeld Fjeld, Katrine Gahre Specialist Dentist
Picture of Tanya Jeanette Franzen Franzen, Tanya Jeanette Specialist Dentist
Picture of Julie Mari Frigaard Frigaard, Julie Mari Doctoral Research Fellow
Frilles, Andre Head Engineer +47 22852022 +47 41510348
Picture of Espen Færøvig Færøvig, Espen Lecturer
Picture of Maria Lucete Martinho Fernandes Færøvig Færøvig, Maria Lucete Martinho Fernandes Doctoral Research Fellow
Gábor, Judit Clinical Secretary