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Picture of Maria Landin Landin, Maria Researcher +47 45 50 26 87 MicroRNA, microarray, qPCR, In Situ Hybridisation (ISH), RNA, DNA, transcriptomics, genomics, tooth development, bioinformatics
Picture of Trine Elin Brobakke Lang Lang, Trine Elin Brobakke Higher Executive Officer +47 22852297
Picture of Sonny Margaret Langseth Langseth, Sonny Margaret Higher Executive Officer +47 22852350 +47 95470782
Picture of Faozia Laouar Laouar, Faozia Tannhelsesekr
Lapina, Anna Clinical Secretary
Picture of Janne Karin Lea Lea, Janne Karin Klinikk avd.leder +47 22852091
Picture of Aina-Mari Lian Lian, Aina-Mari Head Engineer +47 22852070 molekylærbiologi, Luminex, Innkjøp, Celledyrking, PCR & Q-PCR
Picture of Krisztina  Ligeti Ligeti, Krisztina Research Manager External Funding, Strategy, Project Management, Evaluation, EU, H2020, Horizon Europe, NFR, Proposal Writing, Research Support
Picture of Lotte Vestergaard Madsen Madsen, Lotte Vestergaard Clinical Coordinator +47 22852266
Medved, Jelena Dental Nurse
Mesihovic, Suada Tannhelsesekr +47 22852225
Picture of Benvinda Freitas Monteiro Monteiro, Benvinda Freitas Clinical Coordinator +47 22852362
Picture of Maria Pia Montero Montero, Maria Pia Dental Nurse
Picture of Helle Eckard Mosebekk Mosebekk, Helle Eckard Higher Executive Officer +47 22852289
Picture of Ingebjørg Nerem Nerem, Ingebjørg
Nesteby, Annika Beate Hansen
Picture of Mona Irene Hanvold Nilsen Nilsen, Mona Irene Hanvold Tannhelsesekr +47 22852336
Picture of Trond Henning Nordahl Nordahl, Trond Henning Head Engineer +47 22852393 +47 93028621
Oeding, Marianne Småladen Secretary
Picture of Anne Kristin Ohm Ohm, Anne Kristin Seksjonssjef +47 22852178
Picture of Parivash Panahkhahi Panahkhahi, Parivash Clinical Secretary
Picture of Liebert Parreiras Nogueira Parreiras Nogueira, Liebert Chief Engineer +47 22855238 +47 48159853 Biomaterials, imaging, microCT, nanoCT, Synchrotron
Pedersen, Lars Erik Spes.utd.sykepleier
Pejic Djurasovic, Slavica Tannpleier
Picture of Nenad Rakovic Rakovic, Nenad Principal Engineer