Technical and administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Abesha-Belay, Emnet Head Engineer +47 22840278
Picture of Yiqing Cai Cai, Yiqing Head Engineer +47 22840329
Picture of Md Mahdi Hasan Hasan, Md Mahdi Head Engineer +47 22851320 Scanning Electron Microscopy,  CLEM,  3D imaging,  STED,  Expansion Microscopy
Ismail, Omer-Elfaroug Ibrahim Sid-Ahmed Principal Engineer
Picture of Ngoc Ky Cuong Khuu Khuu, Ngoc Ky Cuong Senior Engineer +47 22840374
Picture of Anne Karin Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Anne Karin Senior Engineer +47 22840279 Biofilm, microbial diagnostics, protein purification, Microbiology, DNA-isolation, signalling, 16S rRNA sequencing
Picture of Ann-Kristin Molværsmyr Molværsmyr, Ann-Kristin Senior Engineer +47 22840319 transfection, subcloning, organ culture, Western Blott (WB), Real-time PCR, Reportergen assay, cell culture, immunoprecipitation
Picture of Ali-Oddin Naemi Naemi, Ali-Oddin Senior Engineer +47 22840311 Bacterial Biofilm techniques; Static & flow system, PCR, RT-PCR, cell culture, C. elegans, CLSM
Picture of Gry Elisabeth Olsen Olsen, Gry Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 22840321 purchasing, Basware, HR-portal, Refund, Traveling
Picture of Ann-Kristin Ruus Ruus, Ann-Kristin Head Engineer +47 22840326 Chemical handling, organ culture, purchasing, cell culture, Western Blott (WB), PCR & Q-PCR, RNA isolation
Picture of Olaf Joseph Franciscus Schreurs Schreurs, Olaf Joseph Franciscus Senior Engineer +47 22840361 Histology, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), In Situ Hybridisation (ISH), Microscopy, Western Blott (WB), cell culture
Picture of Nancy Soni Soni, Nancy Senior Executive Officer +47 96831449
Picture of Solveig Stig Stig, Solveig Head Engineer +47 22840386 cell culture, RNA isolation, Immunohistochemistry (IHC), PCR & Q-PCR
Picture of Evan Michael Vallenari Vallenari, Evan Michael Head Engineer +47 22840315
Picture of Hanne Margrete Weidemann Weidemann, Hanne Margrete Head Engineer
Picture of Heidi Aarø  Åmdal Åmdal, Heidi Aarø Head Engineer +47 22 84 02 83 Bacterial work, Molecular biology techniques