Enhancing world-class research and education in biofilm and antibiotic resistance by strengthening cooperation between Norway-Brazil-USA

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the largest threats to human health. To achieve effective responses in tackling the crisis of AMR, collaborative, multidisciplinary efforts of educators, researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and other stakeholders are called upon.

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The RESISPART group met in Brazil in December, 2019, for the annual meeting and symposium

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Brazil: 2019. Institute leaders, deans and representatives from the international administration from UiO and UNICAMP met to discuss student exchange contracts, Desember 2019.
Brazil, 2019. Annual open symposium on AMR with invited national and international speakers from interdisciplinary fields: Antimicrobial resistance: challenges and novel approaches inspired by oral research
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Brazil, 2019. The students participated in seminars discussing their research together and future perspectives.
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Brazil, 2019. The students also presented their research at the annual symposium


“Enhancing world-class research and education in biofilm and antibiotic resistance by strengthening cooperation between Norway-Brazil-USA» is a project led by Dr. Fernanda Petersen at the University of Oslo, and formed by the RESISPART team.

The RESISPART team is a consortium between researchers and educators from three universities and two institutes:

  • University of Oslo (UiO; Norway)
  • University of Campinas (UNICAMP; Brazil)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC; USA)
  • Forsyth Institute (USA)
  • J Craig Venter Institute (JCVI; USA)


The project aims at strengthening research and education on AMR with focus on the contribution of oral health research to the field, and opportunities to promote world-class education for dental health professionals. It is based on the need for holistic approaches that integrate AMR research to various life-science disciplines.


The project is funded by The Research Council of Norway (RCN) and The Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (Diku) under the INTPART program.




RESISPART monthly seminars

Participation in the 2021 HYBRID CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research congress in Brussels, Belgium


  • We are currently working on an Massive Open Online Course. Stay tuned!
  • Final meetings to establish the long term contract between Piracicaba Dental School and UiO
  • A PhD student, Louise Morais Dornelas Figueira, has been visiting our lab for a 10 month long period. Read more about her stay and experience during the Covid-19 pandemic here.

December 2019

Read about our fantastic and fruitful meeting in Brazil here. Where we had:

June 2019

December 2018/January 2019

Students and postdoctorates at the event Lysvandring in the Botanical Gardens in Oslo. Photo: Inger Størseth Haarr, OD/UiO

June 2018

  • Kick off meeting at the University of Illinois at Chicago
    Around 30 researchers from Brazil, the USA and the University of Oslo kicked off the international collaboration «Resispart» in the USA. Lead by Fernanda Petersen from the Institute of Oral Biology, the project group is already seeing partnership, fruitful atmosphere and high expectations. Booklet.
  • 13-17 June 2018:
    Scientific presentations by the RESISPART group in the 62nd Annual Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology, Colorado, USA
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