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Department board

The Department Board is the Department's highest authority, with responsibility for setting the the Department's main objectives, priorities and strategies.

The Board is chaired by the Head of Department who sits for at term of four years, with the exception of the student representatives, who are elected for one year at at time.

Board Members Deputy Board Members

Bilde av Jan Eirik Ellingsen

Jan Eirik Ellingsen (Head of Department)


Bilde av Hans Jacob Rønold

Hans Jacob Rønold (Deputy head of Department)

Permanent Academic Staff:  

Bilde av Ståle Petter Lyngstadaas

Staale Petter Lyngstadaas

Bilde av Anne Rønneberg

Anne Rønneberg

Janicke Liaaen Jensen

Temporary Scientific Staff/ Instructor Dentists:  

Tormod Krüger

Bilde av Kjetil Strøm

Kjetil Strøm

  Håvard J. Haugen
Technical and Administrative Staff:  

Anne Marit Arnesen

Bilde av May-Helen Losoa Forsberg

May Helen L. Forsberg

External members:  
Kirsten Nerheim Ahlsen  
Annie Munezero  
Halvor Klareng  

Bilde av Elisabeth Aks

Elisabeth Aks



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