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Community Dentistry

Foto: Håkon Størmer

The Section for Community Dentistry develops and disseminates information within epidemiology, and health services research and health economy.

Research are dominated by two main areas of research

The first research are is based in epidemiology, and focuses on causal relationships, prevalence and trends in oral diseases. Oral health is studied from health promotional and social distribution perspectives. The second research area focuses on the conditions that influence the distribution of health services, including dental services, and how different funding systems and organizational models have an influence on egalitarian and effective service production. These research areas involve markets and public management, the distribution of tasks between private providers and public authorities, and cooperation between the private and public sectors. The members of staff in the Section have published articles in prestigious international scientific journals, and have produced reports for the authorities.

Section of Community Dentistry

Institute of Clinical Dentistry
Faculty of Dentistry
Box 1109 Blindern
0317 Oslo

Visiting address

Geitmyrsveien 71

Head of section

Professor dr. odont.
Jostein Grytten

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