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Picture of Lasse Ansgar Skoglund Skoglund, Lasse Ansgar Professor +47 22844672
Picture of Rasa Skudutyte-Rysstad Skudutyte-Rysstad, Rasa Associate Professor +47 22852132 epidemiology, caries diagnostics
Picture of Kjell Skaar Skaar, Kjell Senior Engineer +47 22852067
Picture of Anne Skaare Skaare, Anne
Picture of Lena Solbakken Solbakken, Lena Higher Executive Officer +47 22852258
Picture of Heidi Kristin Solbrekken Solbrekken, Heidi Kristin Dental Nurse
Solhaug, Maren Bråten Stipendiat +47 22840397
Sowa, Karolina Maria Tannhelsesekr
Picture of Hans Gunnar Steinbakken Steinbakken, Hans Gunnar Dental Instructor
Picture of Cecilie Stenbråten Stenbråten, Cecilie Dental Instructor
Picture of Guro Wetrhus Stordahl Stordahl, Guro Wetrhus Dental Instructor
Picture of Bente Dahl Storm Storm, Bente Dahl Dentist Instructor
Storsten, Hedda Elisabeth Dental Instructor
Picture of Kjetil Strøm Strøm, Kjetil Inst.tannl.m/spes +47 22852128
Picture of Ida Haukåen Stødle Stødle, Ida Haukåen Stipendiat
Picture of Mousumi Sukul Sukul, Mousumi Principal Engineer +47 22852355 tissue engineering, Biomaterials, polymer membranes, bone regeneration
Sundar, Linn-Kjersti Dentist Instructor
Picture of Pia Titterud Sunde Sunde, Pia Titterud Associate Professor +47 22852161
Svartsund, Lise Ann Tannhelsesekr +47 22852087
Picture of Gunnar Svendsen Svendsen, Gunnar Lecturer +47 22852320
Picture of Safiyye Süslü Süslü, Safiyye Stipendiat +47 98006218 Biomaterials, proteins, bone remodeling, osteonecrosis, bisphosphonates
Picture of Kari Anne Systad Systad, Kari Anne Instruktørtannlege
Picture of Helene Borghild Sæthre-Sundli Sæthre-Sundli, Helene Borghild
Picture of Anne Thea Tveit Sødal Sødal, Anne Thea Tveit Doctoral Research Fellow +47 95968801
Picture of Unni Tjugum Strand Sørlie Sørlie, Unni Tjugum Strand Dental Instructor