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Picture of Ingeborg Kolseth Kolseth, Ingeborg Dentist Instructor with clinical sp +47 23105350
Kolstad, Janne Beate Clinical Secretary
Picture of Sevil Konuskan Konuskan, Sevil Lecturer
Koutroulis, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow
Krogvold, Lars Associate Professor
Picture of Lene Cathrin Krokfoss Krokfoss, Lene Cathrin Dental Nurse +47 22852294
Picture of Tormod Bjartveit Kruger Kruger, Tormod Bjartveit Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22852290
Picture of Ole Morten Kulbraaten Kulbraaten, Ole Morten Lecturer +47 95084620
Picture of Sigrid Ingeborg Kvaal Kvaal, Sigrid Ingeborg Associate Professor +47 22852307 +47 91741961
Picture of Anneli Aschim Lae Lae, Anneli Aschim Physiotherapist
Lande, Pia Dental Instructor
Picture of Maria Landin Landin, Maria Researcher +4722840384 MicroRNA, microarray, qPCR, In Situ Hybridisation (ISH), RNA, DNA, transcriptomics, genomics, tooth development, bioinformatics
Picture of Trine Elin Brobakke Lang Lang, Trine Elin Brobakke Higher Executive Officer +47 22852297
Langeland, Øystein Dental Instructor
Picture of Sonny Margaret Langseth Langseth, Sonny Margaret Higher Executive Officer +47 22852350 +47 95470782
Picture of Faosia Laouar Laouar, Faosia Dental Nurse +47 22852060
Lapina, Anna Clinical Secretary
Larheim, Guro Løseth Dental Instructor
Picture of Tore Arne Larheim Larheim, Tore Arne Professor Emeritus +47 22852016 +47 99494967 TMJ diseases, TMJ disorders, Rheumatic Diseases, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Maxillofacial Radiology, Digital Dental Imaging, TMJ
Picture of Janne Karin Lea Lea, Janne Karin Clinical Coordinator +47 22852091
Picture of Aina-Mari Lian Lian, Aina-Mari Head Engineer +47 22852070 molekylærbiologi, Luminex, Innkjøp, Celledyrking, PCR & Q-PCR
Picture of Krisztina  Ligeti Ligeti, Krisztina Research Manager External Funding, Strategy, Project Management, Evaluation, EU, H2020, Horizon Europe, NFR, Proposal Writing, Research Support
Linde, Veslemøy Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Lunde, Unn Mari Dental Instructor
Picture of Ståle Petter Lyngstadaas Lyngstadaas, Ståle Petter Professor +47 22852357 Implantology, Medicine, Bio-nanotechnology, Structure biology, matrix biology, Bone regeneration, Biomaterials, Life Science