Maria H. N. T Pham

Cand Odont. PhD- candidate and Oral Surg- candidate
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Phone 22852085
Postal address Avdeling for Biomaterialer Postboks 1109 Blindern 0317 OSLO


Oral and general health, biomaterials, diagnostic and treatment, surgery.


  • Cand. odont 2007 from UIO. Startet PhD in fall 2010 with the title " The effect of fluoride modified TiO2 scaffolds on bone cells and in vivo bone regeneration". 
  • Candidate in dobbeldegree program in PhD and Oral  surgery/ medicin.

Emneord: biomaterials, titanium dioxide, scaffold, oral kirurgi.

Tags: scaffold, oral surgery, titanium dioxide, Biomaterial and Tissue regeneration
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