Patient treatment

Dentist performing dental treatment on a child

Photo: Ingar Storfjell, OD/UiO

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The Faculty is monitoring the situation and assessing measures to secure our patients' health and safety.

Phone number Children's Clinic: 22 85 22 73

Phone number Adult's Clinic: 22 85 20 78

Phone number Surgery Department: 22 85 22 33

The Institute of Clinical Dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry offers a broad range of patient treatments.

The treatment is provided at our student clinics.

Appointments and inquiries 

  • Tel: 22 85 20 00 between 09.00-16.00.
  • We are unable to reply to inquiries from patients by e-mail.
  • Patients are received at the reception office at the Department of Clinical Dentistry in Geitmyrsveien 71.
  • No parking facilities are available for patients.

First-time patients

The staff at the reception desk (Mottaksstasjonen) register and manage the admission of adult patients. You will be asked about your medical circumstances and will undergo x-ray and clinical examinations. A preliminary treatment plan and cost estimate will be prepared. 

About the treatment

Dental treatment can be time-consuming. You must be prepared to attend treatments on repeated occasions and to have to sit and wait before each treatment session. You must attend sessions at times when the students are available.

Consent to treatment

We reserve the right to use patients’ national identity numbers (11 digits) for accurate identification of patient records. The Faculty reserves the right to use all information and material gathered for research purposes.

Treatments available at the clinic

Clinic for General Dentistry – Adults
Clinic for General Dentistry – Children
Clinic for Specialist Treatment

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