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Picture of Pantea Salehimehraban Salehimehraban, Pantea Dental Hygienist
Picture of Gabriela Salvadori Da Silva Salvadori Da Silva, Gabriela Postdoctoral Fellow +47 94119606
Salvesen, Barbro Fostad Dentist Instructor
Samara, Athina Researcher
Picture of Mariano Sanz Alonso Sanz Alonso, Mariano Adjunct Professor
Sapina, Sanja
Sapkota, Dipak Associate Professor +47 22840331
Picture of Erik Saxegaard Saxegaard, Erik Associate Professor +47 22852077
Picture of Karl Schenck Schenck, Karl Defense against infection and immune regulation in the oral cavity, Periodontitis, oral lichen planus
Picture of Maria Elisabeth Schröder Schröder, Maria Elisabeth
Picture of Rigmor Schøne Schøne, Rigmor Clinical Secretary +47 90158694
Seehuus, Sharon Joy Rose Dentist Instructor
Picture of Amer Sehic Sehic, Amer Professor +47 22840352 +47-95752912
Picture of Roger Simm Simm, Roger Head of Department +47 22840337 Biofilm, Antimicrobial resistance, Host-microbe interactions, Microbe-microbe interactions, Virulence, Molecular microbiology, c-di-GMP
Picture of Preet Bano Singh Singh, Preet Bano Associate Professor +47 22852051
Picture of Anja Skagmo Skagmo, Anja Dentist Instructor
Picture of Natalie Sharim Skalleberg Skalleberg, Natalie Sharim Dentist Instructor
Picture of Irene Skau Skau, Irene Researcher +47 22840389 +47 48034673 Health economics, Political science, Community dentistry, Health services research
Picture of Henrik Skjerven Skjerven, Henrik Specialist Dentist
Picture of Lasse Ansgar Skoglund Skoglund, Lasse Ansgar
Picture of Rasa Skudutyte-Rysstad Skudutyte-Rysstad, Rasa Associate Professor +47 22852132 epidemiology, caries diagnostics
Picture of Anne Skaare Skaare, Anne
Solhaug, Maren Bråten Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840397
Picture of Maren Bråten Solhaug Solhaug, Maren Bråten Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22840397
Picture of Hans Gunnar Steinbakken Steinbakken, Hans Gunnar Dentist Instructor