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Picture of Marianne Lange Hauge Hauge, Marianne Lange Executive Officer +47-22852234
Picture of Ingunn Haugenes Haugenes, Ingunn Higher Executive Officer +47-22852115
Picture of Inger Heiberg Heiberg, Inger Clinical Coordinator +47-22852025
Picture of Nina Hellerud Hellerud, Nina Dental Nurse
Henriksen, Kari Section Manager +47-22852286
Picture of Olav Andreas Hoemsnes Hoemsnes, Olav Andreas Senior Engineer +47-22852122 +47-90159630
Picture of Aud Jorid Kjellsbøl Hole Hole, Aud Jorid Kjellsbøl Dental Hygienist +47-22852244
Picture of Irtaza Hussain Hussain, Irtaza Senior Executive Officer +47-22852281
Hägg, Viktoria Sophia Mikaela Dental Nurse
Picture of Renuka Fernando Ilekuttige Ilekuttige, Renuka Fernando Dental Nurse +47-22852201
Picture of Helen Cecilie Jacobsen Jacobsen, Helen Cecilie Clinical Secretary +47-22852015
Picture of Wenche Jacobsen Jacobsen, Wenche Clinical Secretary +47-22852104
Picture of Nina Shamela Jar Jar, Nina Shamela Dental Nurse
Picture of Leif Erling Jensen Jensen, Leif Erling Assistent Faculty Director +47 22852230 +47 91173180 Web page, procects
Picture of Kuleba Jeyakumar Jeyakumar, Kuleba Dental Nurse
Picture of Nina Merete Soelberg Johnsen Johnsen, Nina Merete Soelberg Senior Executive Officer +47-22852172
Picture of Svanhild Johnsen Johnsen, Svanhild Dental Nurse +47-22852255
Picture of Grazyna Jonski Jonski, Grazyna Head Engineer +47-22852355
Picture of Tordis Juul Juul, Tordis Trade Union Official +47-22852281
Juul, Tove Adviser +47-22857070 +47-45403808
Picture of Ragnhild Jørgensen Jørgensen, Ragnhild Higher Executive Officer +47-22852121
Picture of Sukhdeep Kaur Kakar Kakar, Sukhdeep Kaur Principal Engineer +47-22852090 Facad Collector, Web, Facad, Vortex, Lokal-IT, Fronter
Picture of Gunn Conradi Karlsen Karlsen, Gunn Conradi Administrative Manager +47-22852091
Picture of Heidi Karlstad Karlstad, Heidi Dental Hygienist +47-22852184
Picture of Zina Kendee Kendee, Zina Dental Nurse