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Picture of Sonja Yr Løken Løken, Sonja Yr Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Lotte Vestergård Madsen Madsen, Lotte Vestergård Clinical Coordinator +47 22852266
Picture of Hege Markussen Markussen, Hege Dental Hygienist +47 22852037
Medved, Jelena Dental Nurse +47 22852078
Mesihovic, Suada Dental Nurse +47 22852225
Mjelde, Rune Molander
Picture of Benvinda Freitas Monteiro Monteiro, Benvinda Freitas Clinical Coordinator +47 22852362
Picture of Maria Pia Montero Montero, Maria Pia Dental Nurse +47 22852060 +47 92653973
Mork-Knutsen, Peer Olaf Dental Instructor
Picture of Claudio Mortier Mortier, Claudio Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Helle Eckard Mosebekk Mosebekk, Helle Eckard Higher Executive Officer +47 22852289
Munir, Arooj Doctoral Research Fellow +47 96705574
Picture of Anita Margareth Myhre Myhre, Anita Margareth Dental Nurse +47 22852104
Picture of Thomas Myrhaug Myrhaug, Thomas Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Anne Møystad Møystad, Anne Professor +47-22852100 +47-22852256 ultrasound, TMJ, dental caries, osteoarthritis, nerve damage, Digital radiography
Picture of Ingebjørg Nerem Nerem, Ingebjørg Executive Officer +47 22852245
Nesteby, Annika Secretary
Picture of Dung Tien Nguyen Nguyen, Dung Tien Postdoctoral Fellow
Nilsen, Hanna Klarholm Dental Instructor +47 22852316
Picture of Mona Irene Hanvold Nilsen Nilsen, Mona Irene Hanvold Dental Nurse +47 22852336
Ninkov, Peter Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Ingunn Harvold Nissen-Meyer Nissen-Meyer, Ingunn Harvold Dentist Instructor with clinical sp
Picture of Liebert Parreiras Nogueira Nogueira, Liebert Parreiras Chief Engineer +47 22855238 +47 48159853 Biomaterials, imaging, microCT, nanoCT, Synchrotron
Picture of Trond Nordahl Nordahl, Trond Head Engineer +47 22852393 +47 93028621
Picture of Målfrid Nupen Nupen, Målfrid Dental Instructor